Month: November 2014

How Cell Phones Would Have Changed Famous Stories



Romeo & Juliet

Juliet (21:34) – Im gunna pretend 2 b dead but im not going to rly b dead lol 😉

Romeo (21:36) – Kk luv u

The Little Mermaid

Ariel (14:23) – Hey, I’m Ariel. Sry I can’t talk but a sea witch stole my voice. Its a total bummer (long story), anyway the only way i can talk again is if you kiss me. I get that that’s a lot of pressure and like you dont have to do anything you dont wanna do but just letting you know thats why i cant talk :/ So like think it over it can just be like a quick peck then we can chat idk w/e.

Prince Eric (14:26) – Kk i gotchu

Ariel (14:27) – Lol thx so much!

Fight Club

Jack (19:55) – Hey Tyler, wassup?

Self (19:55) – Hey Tyler, wassup?

Jack (19:57) – Wtf it’s saying that I’m just texting myself?

Self (19:57) – Wtf it’s saying that I’m just texting myself?

It’s A Wonderful Life

Mary (19:20) – Hey, idk where u went but come back everyone is giving us money $$$ cha-ching!

George (19:21) – Omg that’s gr8! Ok omw back home!

Twelfth Night

Sebastian (10:06): Hey, I’m still alive. In this place called Illyria? Where u @?

Viola (10:13): Bro, same! Phew, I almost had to dress up like a man to get a job working for a duke or something. KK let’s meet by the docks and get out of here.

Finding Nemo

Marlin (9:13) – Where r u?

Nemo (9:42) – A dentist’s office in Sydney.

Marlin (9:44) – UGH ok I’m coming to get u.

Nemo (9:48) – How r we texting we live in water? Also we are fish?

The Odyssey

Odyssey (22:24) – Still detained on an island by a witch 😦

Penelope (22:27) – Alright I’ll keep waiting… Thx for checking in

Canterbury Tales

The Prioress: “So yeah, that’s my tale you guys! Did you like it?”

The Wife of Bath: “Sorry I was texting and missed it :/”